The Africa Dialogue Mission (ADM) is a self-governing policy organization based in Abuja, Nigeria.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived; it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

About Us


The Africa Dialogue Mission (ADM) is a self-governing policy organization based in Abuja, Nigeria. At a time when the entire continent of Africa appears to be in turmoil; when citizens are beginning to doubt whether the much-touted Africa’s glorious dawn will ever arrive; when foreign investors are now raising open questions about whether there is any wisdom in investing in Africa; and, at a time when ivory-tower skeptics are unanimous in referring to African countries as failed states, the significance and existence of an organisation like ours cannot be overstated.

The general state of affairs in African countries today is cause for concern! From Libya in North Africa to Mozambique in the South; from Cameroon in Central Africa to Kenya and Sudan in East Africa down to Nigeria in the west and Chad Republic in the Central region of Africa, the spectre of political violence, economic chaos, class intimidation, youth restlessness, largely due to high unemployment, religion uprising, health challenges such as high death rates loom large.

To make matters worse, many of the civil societies and non-governmental organizations that are expected to play credible roles in finding quick and amicable solutions to the impasse are busy formulating compromising policies that will only enrich their coffers.Such organizations are only good at analyzing problems; they fail to offer concrete solutions that will get the continent out of the woods. This is why it is heartening to see a foundation like Africa Dialogue Mission (ADM) springing up at such a critical juncture in history to fill the existing voids.

Aims and Objectives

The organisation will strive to be Africa’s leading Civil Society organization in diplomacy, security, and dialogue. Professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation will always be our watchwords. We will promote public peace and security, and we will ensure that various communities in Nigeria, in particular, have cordial, harmonious, and peaceful relationships, as well as that such peaceful coexistence exists in other African countries.

Our rationale for embarking on such an adventure is to make Nigeria and Africa a safe haven where terrorism will become a thing of the past, poverty will be reduced to the bare necessities, where Nigerians or any African citizens will not be forced to take up arms against the state simply because their home governments refuse to meet their basic needs, where the high rate of unemployment will be sentenced to indefinite confinement, where the high maternity rate and other health challenges afflicting the African continent will be relegated to the dustbin of history, and where foreign investors will not have to hesitate or think twice before embarking on an economic voyage to Africa.

Our issues must be addressed in a round-table setting through concrete and altruistic dialogue. We will also set out to identify and project any noticing stigma that may cause resentment among the various ethnic groups that comprise Africa, and we will report such to the judi slot gacor hari ini concerned African leaders in a comprehensive, open, and altruistic manner in order to nip such problems in the bud before they become major clogs in the wheel of such a country’s progress.

Introduction of Innovative Ideas

We will work to achieve these objectives through empirical research, legislative advocacy, program organization, and publication of research findings in collaboration with governments, civil societies, and the private sector across the African continent and the world at large.However, where necessary, these partnerships or collaborations must be carried out without betraying, infringing on, or abandoning our organization’s founding and sacrosanct principles.

Our experts will develop novel perspectives on how to best address critical African challenges. Policy recommendations will be developed in collaboration with policymakers, authorities, and stakeholders from all sectors.Our staff will make it a point to always brief government officials, legislators, the judiciary, and other policymakers on their findings. Finally, we hope to establish a new academy for young brilliant minds in Africa, which will aid in rescuing the continent from the impending doldrums that threatens our https://aseansafeschoolsinitiative.org/ collective survival.

Based on our organisation’s above-mentioned goals and missions, we are confident that Africa Dialogue Mission will have produced ground-breaking results in the not-too-distant future. And that will be nothing in comparison to what the organisation will be doing in twenty years.

Self Responsibility

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Let us all come together and learn from our crisis’ lessons to avoid a recurrence of intellectual, cultural, economic, and political slavery



Africa Dialogue Mission, Abuja collects, studies, conserves, and presents significant works of ideas across all times and cultures in order to connect our people with idea through dialogue

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